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The tragedy that befell the congressional baseball practice on Simpson field in Del Ray was met with an outpouring of support from local residents and businesses, which left a positive and definable statement about the strength of our community.

The first responders, both our Alexandria Police officers and our Alexandria Fire and EMS, coupled with two outstanding Capitol Hill officers, saved numerous lives and further injuries by their courageous and timely reactions. The situation could have had much different results had it not been for their bravery.

At the recent Alexandria Police Foundation (APF) board meetings, Chief Brown shared a candid assessment of the incident and all of us came away realizing how blessed we are to have strong leadership exhibited by each first responder. They did their job as trained, both mentally and physically. They acted without hesitation in a shootout and they took out the bad guy and secured the scene so injured could be immediately cared for. Bravo!

The APF had scheduled parties hosted by board members to acquaint local residents/neighbors with the Foundation. These parties were planned long before the shooting, but clearly attendance was heightened by this event. We also had our new Chief in attendance at all the parties. The two held so far by board members were a great success, with kudos to Cathy Puskar, Charlotte Hall, and Pat Miller for ladies night with the Chief and then a gathering with the Chief at Tim Allen and Anne Rector’s home, with Ann Dorman and husband Rick bringing great wines from Unwined and Vanessa provided a great education in wines to the gathering. Officer Steve Carr brought police K-9 G’Kar to show his stuff, much to the displeasure of Tim and Anne’s lab Toby.  Next event is being hosted by Roger Parks and former police chief Dave Baker on a rooftop in Carlyle. They have a lot to do to match these two past fantastic events. Both Jeanne Theismann and Janet Barnett are planning their show-of-shows as well.

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Been a busy month with lots of excitement. Again, our first responders did what they are trained to do and brought lots of courage to go along with their skills. Alexandria is a safer place for their actions.

Willem Polak
Board Chairman

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